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Angle Fence Post Machine

Ürün Detayı

  • Angles of 40*40*4 mm and 50*50*5 mm in size up to 2.5 meters in our machine can operate
  • There are 1 piece end sharpening press, 5 pieces 8 mm hole punching presses, 1 piece vice press in our machine as standard.
  • End splitting press and additional hole press can be added as an option.
  • Our machine has automatic and manual operation features and the desired presses can be activated and operated automatically via the touch screen.
  • In our machine, the axes of the drilling presses are adjustable and the minimum hole drilling axis is 17 cm.
  • There is a hydraulic unit with 11 kW electric motor in our machine.
  • The warranty period of our machine is 1 year.
  • Suitable for sale by leasing.
  • The average processing time of our machine is 4-5 seconds. At normal working pace, an employee can process 5 fence post per minute. From this account, the 8-hour production capacity is 2400 fence posts.